Costales calls public safety a top priority

Glen Costales is challenging Carrie Tergin for one of Ward 4's two city council seats.

City council candidate Glen Costales told KRCG 13 Sunday he would prioritize public safety and budget concerns if elected.

Costales is running against incumbent Carrie Tergin for one of Jefferson City's two Ward 4 seats. The city's five wards each have two seats on the council, half of which are up for grabs in Tuesday's election. The occupants of all five of those seats are seeking reelection, but Tergin is the only council member facing opposition.

Over the last couple years, on the city council, a certain amount of attention has been given to trying to attract business to the city. How much priority do you think that should have?

An extraordinarily large amount, because if the city doesn't continue to attract businesses, we're going to wither away and die. But we need good, sustaining jobs. Manufacturing jobs. Jobs in the electronics fields. Not waitress jobs, not jobs in motels and hotels. We need jobs that pay good money.

How do you think the city should go about attracting those jobs?

Well, the Chamber of Commerce is contracted with the city, and they're supposed to be out there getting jobs, and they're getting paid a large amount of money, and their feet need to be held to the fire for that. And every citizen in town needs to be a positive representative of the town and extoll the good of the town everywhere they go.

What issues do you think are not getting enough attention?

Probably the drug use in town, the heroin. And I know the police are working hard at it. We probably need more education to parents so they can start looking for signs of drug use at home. I'm sure they're getting a lot, but we probably need more.

What do you think should be done about some of the abandoned properties downtown?

If they're abandoned properties, go after the owners to fix them up, pay the past tax bills. If they don't, then start the proceedings to take them over. And then, if that's done, if they can be rehabbed, fine, if not, tear them down.

If elected, what would be your top three priorities?

Oh, the top is, and they're about equal, would be public safety, that's police and fire, and infrastructure. And then budget. Those would be the top three, because if those three go down, property values go down and everybody is on the losing end of the equation.

To sum up, why should the residents of the Fourth Ward pick you?

I believe that the incumbent has lost sight of who she represents. And I have no agenda, I don't have any businesses downtown to try to push for everything downtown. I want to go out and vote the way the people in the Fourth Ward want me to vote, and that's what I told them when I was going door-to-door.