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      Cooper County out-of-state use tax on Tuesday ballot

      Cooper County voters will decide whether to approve an out-of-state use tax on Tuesdayâ??s ballot.More than 40 Missouri counties have the tax including Lafayette, Pettis, Saline and Chariton in the mid-Missouri area.The Missouri Supreme Court voted to get rid of the county taxes last year, unless restored by voters.Right now, Cooper County residents can buy a car or other expensive item out of state without paying the 1.75 percent tax.Cooper County Commissioners said that tax money represents about one percent of their annual budget or $83,000 a year.Eastern District Commissioner Paul Davis said, â??Individuals would not have to pay a tax on the first $2,000 a year on out of state purchases. Itâ??s only above that $2,000 level. Most people wonâ??t even be affected at all.â??Opponents of Cooper Countyâ??s out of state use tax said taxes are already too high in their communities.Supporters said the use tax would help the local economy by keeping a level playing field between local and out of state businesses.