Commissioner Ed Robb attends first meeting

Ed Robb attended his first meeting as the new Boone County Presiding Commissioner on Monday morning.

Robb replaces retired Commissioner Ken Pearson.

Robb is the only Republican Boone County office holder.

He was sworn in Saturday, just 2 days after some emergency surgery.

Doctors gave Robb a pacemaker after his heart stopped beating on Thursday.

Robb TMs son-in-a-law is a doctor who was visiting for the holidays.

Robb says his son-in-a-law kept him alive until helped arrived at his home.

Robb said, I highly recommend that everyone has a physician in attendance, 24/7, at their home. I was lucky enough to have our son-in-law there. He was able to do the right things. My wife and our daughter were able to call 911. That TMs why I am here.

Boone County Commissioners held a quick, 15-minute meeting that included an appearance by NASCAR Driver and Columbia Native Carl Edwards.

Edwards asked the commission to vacate a section of county road on his farm.

Commissioners expect to approve that request on April 1.