Columbia Mayoral Candidate Profile: Jerry Wade

Jerry Wade

Six men want to replace outgoing Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman.

One of those men is 69-year-old Jerry Wade.

Wade has been Columbia TMs Fourth Ward city councilman for the past three years. Before that, he served 12 years on the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission. Wade was chairman of that commission for six years of the 12 years. Wade said his experience would allow him to hit the ground running, if he is elected the next mayor of Columbia.

I will begin as mayor the day after I am installed as mayor, ready to go to work and doing the things that the others are saying that they hope to see get done," Wade said. "I am not going to have to have any on the job training.

Wade said new jobs and improved public safety are his top priorities.

I have a very clear record of representing all Columbians, and being available and accessible and listening to what people want and why," Wade said.

Some of Wade TMs opponents call him a political insider when it comes to Columbia politics. Wade said that is not true because he doesn TMt belong to Columbia TMs Good Ol TM Boy Club and he never plans to join.

Sean O'Day, Paul Love, Bob McDavid, Sal Nuccio and Sid Sullivan are also running for Columbia Mayor.

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