Columbia Mayoral Candidate Profile: Bob McDavid

Dr. Bob McDavid, 63

This coming Tuesday, the City of Columbia will have a new mayor for the first time in 15 years.

Mayor Darwin Hindman is not seeking re-election after serving seven terms.

Dr. Bob McDavid, 63, has delivered more than 5,000 babies during his 27-year career. Now, this doctor wants to deliver his leadership abilities as the next Columbia mayor.

We need to get growth that involves knowledge based industries and businesses," McDavid said. "We have a wonderful university. We have two great colleges here. These are the types of industries that make Columbia unique.

McDavid said he TMs proven his leadership abilities through his work as the Chairman of the Boone Hospital Center Board of Trustees. McDavid is proud of the hospital TMs $125 million expansion project under his watch.

McDavid says projects, like the one at Boone Hospital Center, create more jobs for people in Columbia. According to McDavid TMs website, jobs and the economy are the voter TMs number one concerns.

We need to make the city a customer service organization," McDavid said. "There are some very talented, hard working people down at the city. You know, we can all do better. Each one of us can do better. The city can do better. I want to bring the skills and the techniques to move the city government to another level.

McDavid said Boone Hospital Center TMs Board of Trustees is very similar to Columbia TMs city government with five elected trustees. McDavid said his position as chairman gives him the perfect background to lead a city council of six elected offficials through tough economic times.

Paul Love , Sal Nuccio, Sid Sullivan and Jerry Wade are also running for Columbia Mayor.