Car torched after Lt. Gov. leaves keys inside

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder says he won't leave his keys in his car again after it was stolen last night. That's not all, when the car turned up at daybreak Monday in a field outside Cape Girardeau it had been torched.

Police have arrested a Cape Girardeau man for the crime. Adam D. Cromer, 20, was charged with stealing a motor vehicle, first-degree tampering and second-degree attempted burglary.

Police believe Cromer rammed the vehicle into the Shooter's Gun Shop, tried to rob it but left empty handed, then drove the Governor's car to the country and set it on fire.

When Kinder got the news the car had been found, he says he was "shocked." Kinder told the Southeast Missourian newspaper that it was "burnt to a cinder, and unrecognizable. " The 2009 Ford Flex crossover vehicle sold for between $30,000 and $46,000 the year it came out.

Kinder is no stranger to Cape Girardeau, that's his hometown. He was there to speak at a Naturalization Ceremony. Kinder told the newspaper that he was "feeling stupid" that he left the keys inside.