Bond on health care: 'I want to stop this bill'

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

It was a late night for U.S. senators in Washington.An exhausted Senate labored past 2 a.m. eastern time on a stack of GOP amendments.Senate Republicans have found minor glitches in a health care fix-it bill that will force it back to the House, and Democrats aren't ruling out the possibility of more flaws.Republicans have been hunting for such violations in hopes of bringing down the legislation.Sen. Kit Bond (R-Missouri) told colleagues the health care bill is a job killer.Health care, the Reconciliation Bill, and the other proposals the majority has planned are likely lead to a longer recession, continued high unemployment and lower standard of living, said Bond. I want to stop this bill, I want common sense reforms."Bond says the democrats have ignored the American people.But when Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) took to the Senate floor yesterday, she blasted Republicans for their "scare tactics.""And every day that goes by in America, people are going to realize the sky is not falling, in fact as time goes on that sky's going to get bluer and brighter because people in America are going to realize that this bill is not full of booby traps, its full of good things that will reform health care," said McCaskill.The Senate has scheduled passage of the health bill for this afternoon.