NASA has big plans for Jefferson City on eclipse day

NASA has big plans for eclipse day in Jefferson City. (MGN Online)

NASA announced last month that it would be broadcasting the total solar eclipse live from Jefferson City.

NASA Glenn Research Center Public Affairs Specialist Deborah Lockhart said the agency was attracted to Jefferson City because it is on the line of totality.

"We were looking for an event that was going to be in the middle of the country, and the Capital Eclipse ended up getting their event posted on NASA's eclipse website really early on," she said. "That really helped kind of narrow our decision down a little bit so we were focusing on Jefferson City, Missouri."

NASA will be bringing their 53-foot trailer "Journey to Tomorrow" exhibit for the public to view.

"Just that whole space experience and being able to connect that with the event and hearing their firsthand accounts and really seeing the eclipse through their eyes," said Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau Communications Manger Katherine Reed.

Two Missouri-native astronauts will also be involved with NASA's visit. Dr. Janet Kavandi and Col. Michael Hopkins will be doing talks and interacting with people from their home-state on August 21 and the days leading up to the eclipse.

Lockhart said NASA will also help to reinforce eye safety during the eclipse. She said there are some unsafe glasses on the market, and they want to educate people on the proper, safe way to view an eclipse.

She also said NASA coming to Missouri is a great way to educate people on space in general.

"The nearest NASA center is about 500 miles away, so this is really an opportunity for NASA to come into a community where we're not that prevalent," she said.

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