Local post offices sell out of Eclipse stamps

Total Eclipse of the Sun Stamp (File)

Mid-Missouri post office officials said Wednesday they sold out of stamps commemorating the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Jefferson City post office officials said they sold out of the location's sheets within 22 minutes upon their release Tuesday. Officials said they ordered 1,000 more sheets to accommodate the high demand.

Columbia post office officials said they sold out of its 100 sheets within four hours. Post Master Mark Rask said he ordered 2,000 more sheets and hopes to have them in by next week. Each sheet has 12 stamps.

The Fulton Post Office said it still has some eclipse stamps left.

According to the United States Postal Service, the stamps are "first of its kind", and change when touched. The stamp, which looks like a black circle, transforms into an image of the moon from the heat of a finger, according to USPS.

The stamps can also be found online for 7.84 cents per sheet.

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