Final info meetings to be held as Total Solar Eclipse nears

Second to last info meeting to be held Thursday at the Capitol Plaza Hotel 5:30 p.m. (FILE)

The Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau will host their second to last information meeting Thursday.

The sky will turn dark on August 21 as the moon completely blocks the sun for about two minutes. It will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States in our lifetime.

Jefferson City has planned a three-day celebration that is expected to attract about 50,000 people.

Katherine Reed with JCCVB said they will update the public on available lodging and any new updates on event activities and entertainment.

She said nearly all the hotels are booked and there are a few camp sites available across the Missouri River.

"The excitement level is definitely building especially once we announced that NASA would be doing their live broadcast from Jefferson City," Reed said. "I think everyone is just really excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to view this total solar eclipse and the opportunity to potentially meet a NASA official and get to experience their journey to tomorrow exhibit. And just really come together for this community event and also welcome all the visitors we'll be having in town."

It is recommended to wear safety glasses when witnesses the eclipse because it is dangerous to look directly at the sun even when it is covered.

Reed said they've sold about 22,000 of them but they are still available for $2. For more information on how to purchase solar eclipse glasses, click here.

The forum Thursday will be at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in the Jefferson City Lincoln Room at 5:30 p.m.

Reed said they're expecting to hold one last meeting before the big celebration but they have not scheduled a date yet.

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