Hotels booked, camping next option for eclipse viewers

The Total Solar Eclipse is set to appear for two minutes over Jefferson City on August 21. (JCCVB).

Katherine Reed with the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau said Thursday all hotels in Jefferson City are booked for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.

The moon is expected to cover the sun for two minutes creating the first total solar eclipse in Missouri since 1869. Reed said now that all hotels are booked, the bureau is encouraging viewers to take advantage of campsites in Jefferson City such as the ones located in the North Jefferson Recreation Area.

"We still have campsites available across the river, so we're really trying to encourage that and really encourage people to maybe ride their bikes into town," Reed said.

The three-day event in Jefferson City is expected to draw in 50,000 people.

The JCCVB held their second to last information meeting Thursday to get residents and business owners on the same page about the upcoming events.

The crowd included long-time Jefferson City resident Carolyn McDowell. She said August 21 is going to be an exciting night.

"Very few of us will ever see it twice," she said.

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