Eclipse Day 2017: Where and when you'll see it in mid-Missouri

Timing of the eclipse for locations across mid-Missouri (1 of 3). (KRCG)

During the early afternoon of Monday, August 21, skies across a large potion of mid-Missouri will be overtaken by total darkness. The perfect alignment of the moon and sun will lead to the moon's shadow, or Umbra, streaking across the United States from west to east, coast to coast. The last time our country saw a coast to coast total eclipse was 1918.

Eclipse totality will be visible from a majority of mid-Missouri locations, making us a hot spot for those wanting to witness one of our world's most spectacular sights. The width of the moon's shadow is approximately 70 miles, so not everyone in Missouri will witness totality. Note that those at the Lake of the Ozarks will need to travel farther north/northeast (past Eldon) in order to see the skies turn totally dark.

How close you are to the center line of totality will determine the exact length of darkness you witness. The closer you are to the center, the longer the duration of totality. Click through the slideshow of images at the top of this story for an alphabetical break down of the exact timing of partial/total eclipse for 58 locations within our mid-Missouri viewing area. If your location is not listed, check out NASA's interactive map of the eclipse path to view your specific viewing location.

During the eclipse be sure to have ISO certified glasses for viewing the sun. For resources on viewing the eclipse safely, NASA offers an entire webpage with information.

Stay tuned to KRCG 13 for special coverage leading up to and during the solar eclipse. Check back on our Eclipse 2017 page for more web exclusive content.

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