Jefferson Awards: Harry and Debbie Horonzy

We want to introduce you to our Jefferson Awards recipient for September, Harry and Debbie Horonzy.

Each month, KRCG 13 will honor select individuals, who have given back to the community.

The recipients for the September Jefferson Awards are Harry and Debbie Horonzy.

The couple have been fixtures in Miller County and have been especially popular at the Miller County Care and Rehabilitation Center, where they have volunteered for the last 22 years.

“Just try to make the world a better place, these people appreciate it so much,” Harry said.

They have dedicated their lives to service.

“We’ve really been blessed,” Debbie said. “Harry was in the army for 21 years. We know what it’s like to be lonely and if we can make a difference, ya know, it makes us feel so good.”

“The main thing that started was when I was over in Korea on my second tour, I used to go to an orphanage there… and we supported the orphanage,” Harry said. “I got some of my soldiers to go. I was motor sergeant and I used to take them in the trucks to see the kids.”

Harry would bring treats to the children.

“Stuff back then was real cheap,” Harry said. “So I’d go get a couple of bags of candy down in the village and I’d take it there and the kids would all line up by Miss Kim’s office and they would get a piece of candy and go back to the end of the line and come back.”

When Debbie would visit Korea, she would bring children’s clothing with her to hand out.

“When I was sitting around those kids… I have two daughters… I didn’t realize how blessed I was,” Harry said.

The Horonzy couple have also brought their generosity back home to the U.S.

They volunteer throughout the community, at the VFW, for children in need, the American Legion of Iberia and with many other organizations.

At the Miller County Care and Rehabilitation Center, they make sure each resident feels special, especially on holidays like Christmas.

“When we give present some people, it will be their first year they’ve been here and they’ll cry and say ‘oh, I didn’t think I was going to get anything’ and you just want to go oh!” Debbie said.

For Harry and Debbie, volunteering has been a way of life.

“If i can make one person smile, that's what I go for," Harry said. "Just one smile and I did my job."

“We just can’t emphasize how important it is for people to get out in the community and do things and the little things that you think maybe don’t matter really end up mattering the most to the people you’re helping,” Debbie said.

Miller County Care announced it is hosting the annual Fall Festival on October 1, and of course, Debbie and Harry will be in attendance.

It has been a way for the nursing home to raise money for the facility, through a silent auction, car show and meals, so it can do special things for its residents.

To nominate someone in the community that is making a difference for a Jefferson Award, click here.

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