Jefferson Awards: Debbie Kolb

Debbie Kolb is KRCG 13's Jefferson Awards recipient for the month of August.

Each month, KRCG 13 will be honoring those giving back to our community.

We want to introduce you to our Jefferson Awards recipient for August, Debbie Kolb.

"Visiting the residents and Heisinger Bluffs, I've been doing that for several years so you really get to know them and you know, you can spend five minutes with them and it's like they are so happy and so glad to see you, you know," Debbie said. "It just brings a smile to your face."

on Wednesdays, you can find Debbie at the senior living center in Jefferson City.

she brings communion to the residents and visits with them.

"It makes me feel good," Debbie said. "I enjoy doing it. And I can only hope that someday people will do the same for me."

Debbie is a retired computer programmer and project manager for the Missouri Department of Social services but full time volunteer.

When she's not at Heisinger Bluffs, she's helping other organizations across the city... including her church, Immaculate Conception.

"I'm on a couple of committees, a stewardship committee and a social concerns committee," Debbie said. "I help organize people to give rides to people to church. Like if the elderly need a ride or if someone is sick and they need a ride to church, I coordinate that. I go to adoration every Monday morning from 4-5 a.m. I play the clarinet so I play music here at IC. I've done things as my kids have grown up, I've done things at school, PTO, school board, home room parent. I donate blood regularly."

Debbie has donated 80 pints of blood over the past 15 years.

she also volunteers for the Pregnancy Help center and for St. Mary's Hospice.

"I've found it to be really fulfilling," Debbie said. "Actually after I retired, a friend of mine is a nurse for St. Mary's Hospice and she asked if I would be interested in volunteering… I thought, I don't really know if that's for me but I gave it a try and it has been so rewarding… the people I have met, it really just makes you feel good. You become their friend… It is hard when they pass on but you know, it's part of life.

For Debbie, volunteering is a major part of her life and she wouldn't want it any other way.

"It can be so fulfilling and you'd be surprised if you just take that one little step," Debbie said. "Just do one thing, just do one thing and feel good about it and it will lead to other things."

Debbie's volunteering doesn't end there... she is also a member of the Master Gardeners and has been on multiple trips for the March for Life in Washington D.C.

To nominate someone in our community that's making a difference for a Jefferson Award, click here.

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