Jefferson Awards: Fr. Ed Schmidt deflects recognition despite decades of service

Fr. Ed Schmidt has been a priest at St. Martin's Catholic Church for decades. (KRCG 13)

When he speaks, everyone listens.

"Father Ed is what they call me," he said.

Fr. Ed Schmidt has been a priest since 1963 and said, "I wouldn't trade what I'm doing for anything in the world."

Starting out in Edina, Missouri, Fr. Ed has also preached in Hannibal, Dixon, Tipton, and Linn. But since 1993, St. Martin's Catholic Church has been his home. And the parish has been very thankful to have him.

"Some of the people have told me that's because of the way I work with them and all I can say is praise God," he said.

Fr. Ed said he isn't worthy of any recognition.

"The abilities I have are God-given, and they're not given for me, they're given for the whole community," he said.

He not only has had a love for sharing God's word during Mass, but Fr. Ed has stayed busy after services. He's been a member of the Knights of Columbus since he was 18 years old, he cares for the sick and, many years ago, he even coached a football team.

Fr. Ed has witnessed many wonderful times in the church, but he's also been present during local tragedy.

He said there's only one way to help people through the good and the bad.

"You lift those people to the Lord," he said. "They're in the Lord's hands."

He has touched hundreds of lives through his selfless example.

"I'm getting to be an old fixture around here. You know what they do with old fixtures right?" one lady of the parish said. "We keep 'em."

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