KRCG 13 partners with SSM Health in Family First series

KRCG 13 is excited to introduce “Family First” – a new weekly series of stories full of helpful tips and advice from physicians from SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital in Jefferson City and Mexico.

Every month will have a healthy living theme chosen by the medical team at SSM Health, and every Friday at 5 pm, we’ll bring you a short segment on a health topic related to the theme of the month.

“These are topics we think will matter to families across Mid-Missouri,” pediatrician Brian Conley said. “From exercise, food and diet tips, heart health, child safety and more, we want to share any information we have with the Mid-Missouri community.”

Dr. Conley has worked as a pediatrician in Jefferson City since 1993, seeing patients both at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital and at the SSM Health Medical Group Pediatric Clinic.

Dr. Conley said as a father and a physician, "Family First" is a motto he's always held dear. He said it’s one that rings particularly true when it comes to his work as a pediatrician.

"Hopefully you touch a number of children's lives in terms of the advice you give and by working through problems with families,” he said. “You want to be able to leave some mark on families in terms of a good experience."

Dr. Conley said that's also the larger goal when it comes to the "Family First" series: to provide important health advice to an audience larger than just SSM Health patients.

"We want to focus on children in our practice but moreover in the larger scheme of things, also the adult world too,” he said. “We want to take care of all members of our community, providing safe, good quality healthcare to all that are in our community."

To further that goal, SSM Health has partnered with KRCG 13 to bring you "Family First".

"Every month of the year has a particular health issue that's sort of tied to that month - and so, through this program, we'll try to bring you experts and people from that field to give you good quality advice,” he said. “And it will be advice that’s concise... Because we know how busy people's lives are."

Join us next Friday, January 28, at KRCG 13 Live at Five for our inaugural "Family First" segment. We'll talk with SSM Health Dietician Denise Coots about the importance of drinking enough water and some tips to make hydration a daily habit.

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