Warm Bodies

Unfortunately you have to venture out in the cold to enjoy a movie entitled "Warm Bodies" and then you come to realize that the movie is mostly about â??coldâ?? bodies, the dead undead. Nicholas Hoult ("X-Men: First Class" and the upcoming "Jack the Giant Slayer") plays a zombie with thoughts named R, a name given because he can only remember that his human name started with an â??Râ??. Weâ??re introduced to his thoughts early on and we see his desire to be something better than the feeble-brained stumbling zombie that he is. That, in a nutshell, is all you need to know.

Just when you thought that zombie movies would probably never go away, but would never do anything remotely original, "Warm Bodies" shatters that. The movie is a tremendously creative twist on the genre. The zombie with thoughts gimmick goes a long way for director Jonathan Levine, but the movie as a whole stayed routine and didnâ??t try to push the envelope much further. That being said, the soul of this movie isnâ??t in the plot lines that it tells, but the search for life.

Iâ??m not sure if "Warm Bodies" is intending a deep message among its dry humor and romance, but a deep message may be its biggest asset. As R goes about his everyday zombie routine, he stumbles across a band of humans looking for medication and in that band is Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer "Take Me Home Tonight", "The Sorcererâ??s Apprentice"). R instant becomes infatuated with the obviously attractive, tough-willed and vulnerable Julie. As the two of them bond in some pretty strange ways, the movie becomes a healing type movie. It becomes a slow walk toward humanity and life. The movie, about zombies, makes a pretty clear message that in a way, we all have zombie traits. Whether it be walking through life on our smart phones or just not living fully while we are here, "Warm Bodies" shows that we are all zombies, at times.

Iâ??m not completely sure that "Warm Bodies" is a smash hit or anything. To me, the story was way too routine and not challenging enough. Yet, the human and not-so-human elements of the film are top notch. The one thing I will say for "Warm Bodies" is that this is the kind of movie that will have a cult following and years from now, people will still enjoy watching it. Itâ??s nice little film that has more heart than most movies deserve. Most importantly, itâ??s a movie about living, reminding us all not to take that for granted.