To smoke or not to smoke?

If you smoke, you might have to stay outside.

Jeff City is looking to go the way of Columbia and implement a smoke ban which would include bars/restaurants. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out as there seems to be heavy support both for and against a ban.

The last time this issue came up was a few years ago. The issue was put to a council vote in '04, which ended 6-4 in favor. At the time, Mayor Landwehr vetoed the vote, putting his checkmark in the no column.

And so the issue sat until just recently. Councilwoman Carrie Carroll is looking to bring the issue to the council within the next two months. What's interesting is that she won't even support businesses that allow smoking.

Some small businesses we've talked with, including one for our story, say a ban would effectively kill their business.

Ultimately, the argument seems to boil down to this: Is it a public health issue or one of free choice?

We're digging a bit deeper on this. We're going to find out how the smoke ban really impacted Columbia businesses - for better or worse.

Jeff City isn't alone with this growing movement to institute a smoke ban. A growing swell in Fulton is also trying to butt out cigarette butts indoors.

To smoke or not to smoke: That is the question.