The Wolverine

The superhero movies just keep rolling along and Stan Lee, in the later parts of his life is enjoying a financial windfall that didnâ??t come in the early days when he was creating his famous characters. Iâ??ll have to be honest though, despite being a fan of superheroes, even Iâ??ve grown tired of them. It isnâ??t that I donâ??t enjoy the movies, but it seems that it is the entirety of what Hollywood is putting out anymore. "The Wolverine" is another addition to the successful "X-Men" series. Personally, I find the X-Men to be one of Stan Leeâ??s richest comic book seriesâ?? due to the uniqueness of the characters and the more complicated stories that come with them.

For some reason though, despite the richness of all the characters from the X-Men, it is only Logan, "The Wolverine", who was cool enough to get two solo-movies. While most of the X-Men fans salivate about the Wolverine, I find him to be less intriguing then some of the other characters. Heâ??s invincible. Every time heâ??s wounded, he heals himself. I guess thatâ??s why I always found Batman more interesting than Superman as well.

Fortunately though, the creators of "The Wolverine" tapped into the one thing that is Loganâ??s weakness, his own mind and his immortal thoughts. This outing has Logan haunted by the death of Jean Gray, a death that happened in the terrible final "X-Men" trilogy movie, "Last Stand". His life as an immortal has become daunting and he has nothing to live for. So when a man from his past seeks him out, he travels to Japan to begin a new chapter in his long unending life.

"The Wolverine" is certainly gifted with one thing that most of these superhero movies have seemed to be challenged to achieve. It has a relatively good and complicated story to tell. Another thing that is rewarding about the movie is the placement of events in Japan. The movie is drenched in Japanese culture, ninjas and traditions and I found it to be a fantastic mix with the troubled Wolverine and his retractable blades. Plus it took what we usually think a superhero movie to be and used some creativity in a new environment.

"The Wolverine" isnâ??t a great superhero movie but it is certainly one of the better ones and it gets the "X-Men" series back in line for, wait for it, more movies to come. In what has been a dismal summer of movies, it is sort of unfortunate to say that "The Wolverine" is probably one of the better movies thus far. It delivers emotion, relation to the characters, an involving story, a dramatic situation to be invested in and it finally delivers the big blockbuster action that the popcorn poppers come to see.