The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Nobody specializes in magic like Walt Disney does, and so "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is right up their alley. It is the story of Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) who are unable to conceive. They are plagued by this and have reached a breaking point after trying and trying. So when they decide to put everything to rest one night by putting all their wishes and dreams of a child down on paper and burying it in a backyard, they wake up to a magical journey.

"Timothy Green" is a movie that will tug at your heartstrings as it explores what it takes to be parents with all the failures and successes. Even two parents with the best of intentions arenâ??t perfect and make mistakes. Timothy Green didnâ??t come into the world in the conventional way and CJ Adams does a great job portraying the newborn 10-year old's emotions and naivety.

The early goings of the film are well crafted by the movie creators. They built up the story surrounding Timothy Green and you wonder just as everybody else what is next for the mysterious child. You wonder why there are vines coming from the childâ??s ankles that cannot be removed. You feel the joy that the parents have long since sought and any parent who has had children, lost children, couldnâ??t have children, or have been separated from their children for any length of time will be effected by the emotions.

Yet, as the movie plays out, the storyline begins to feel a little predictable and not as mysterious anymore. Not to mention, some of the crafty storytelling that started off the film seems to fall by the way side as the story comes to a head. The final third of the movie seemed rushed and didnâ??t even come close to capitalizing on the emotions that the audience was ready to feel. They brought us somewhere with really good tact and creativity but when we got there, they hit the gas pedal and rolled the credits. I could elaborate, but that would give away the movie.

"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is a nice little movie with really great intentions and I wonâ??t deny being effected by its message. I just wish it had spent a little more time exploring some of the emotions that they worked so hard throughout the film to develop. I was there, ready to be pushed over the edge, but the seconds and minutes of extra development that should have been done, werenâ??t.