The Host

With "Twilight" behind her, Stephenie Meyers has moved onto another of her novels that had its film rights snatched up. After the tremendous success of "Twilight" it was probably a given that her fortune would continue. "Twilight" was more of a phenomenon than a critical success and Meyers seemed to tap into exactly what teen audiences are looking for, a little action, a little fantasy and a whole lot of young males without shirts. Oh, and donâ??t forget love triangles.

"The Host", to Meyerâ??s credit, is nothing like her "Twilight" series. There are no vampires or werewolves, but there are aliens who have, for the most part, taken over the world. If you have seen the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (original, remake or second remake), you get the gist of what kind of aliens we are dealing with, although not near as scary.

Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie/Wanderer/Wanda a girl who leads a resistance with her brother and love interest Jared, played by young hunk Max Irons. When the alien invaders capture her, sheâ??s implanted with the soul of one of those aliens and is given a new name, Wanderer. Yet, for some reason Melanie is stronger than most and the two personalities co-exist in the same body. Itâ??s all sort of complicated but the jostling that goes on, secretly between Wanderer and Melanie is the most interesting part of the movie. Not to mention, it was a creative and different way for Meyers to insert one of her most important ingredients for success; the love triangle.

"The Host" is at its core, just a different take on the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" story line. Instead of death and helplessness, "The Host" focuses on hopefulness and handsome teenage boys fighting over two souls in one girl. The bad thing is, I was hoping for a few more death and helplessness moments. Anything would have helped to spruce things up. The movie is slow and uninteresting. The director and writers hoped that the relationship between Melanie/Wanderer and her two men, Ian and Jared, would be enough to suffice, but it isnâ??t. The music score doesnâ??t help much either, but I sure would love to pull that music score, put it to CD and use it for those difficult nights when sleep is troublesome.

Honestly, I think there was some potential with this film, but it would have served better had it been presented as a television mini-series instead of a money making follow up to "Twilight". They banked on the fact that those same loyal followers would throw their money in Meyerâ??s direction again, but instead they most likely only hurt the Meyers brand. Plus, had it been a television mini-series, it could have been broken up with commercials and other jazzier programming.