The Big Wedding

"The Big Wedding" touts an all-star cast of actors that made me at first think this was another one of those Gary Marshall, Katerine Fugate movies like "Valentineâ??s Day" or "New Years Eve"; which I hated by the way. Yet, it isnâ??t. It is actually written and directed by Justin Zackham, who wrote "The Bucket List" and a silly "Animal House" wannabe movie called "Going Greek". Based on this small resume, his NYU film school degree must be the reason that he attracted people like Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace and Amanda Seyfried to come together for a â??weddingâ?? movie.

The movie centers round Deniroâ??s character, Don, for the most part. On the surface, they have a pretty normal pampered socialite existence. Heâ??s preparing to marry off his adopted son, Alejandro, and having adopted him from South America, his real mother has never visited, until now. Opposed to divorce, being a devout catholic, Alejandro doesnâ??t know how to explain to her that Don is divorced and both his girlfriend and his ex-wife will be at the wedding; the shenanigans begin.

A while back, movies like this, with all-star casts and slice of life type stories, were made all the time and then they got kind of old because you always wondered who was going to die or who was going to get cancer. Apparently, nowadays, weâ??re just getting movies that have no punch line at all. Sure, there are punch lines to "The Big Wedding", in fact, there is a half-a-dozen of them, but none of them carry any impact. Theyâ??re just resolution to a ninety-minute movie that threw all kinds of situations at you, one crazier than the other. Although none of them are all that crazy.

I would be lying if I said I didnâ??t find some situations laugh inducing throughout the film, but for the most part, the jokes work like a family reunion; your family says some funny stuff, but ultimately they think theyâ??re funnier than they really are. The film was written with the hopes that Robert DeNiro talking like a dirty old man would be the selling point and at times it works and at times, it gets old.

The strange thing about "The Big Wedding" is that the writer/director, Zackham managed to get all of these fantastic actors attached to his film and they all bring these characters to life as good as you would expect. I wanted to like the film and there were times that I thought I would, but ultimately Iâ??m left baffled as to how Zackham did it. His script isnâ??t that good. What little plot there is to the film isnâ??t fleshed out, and almost the entire screwball comedies comedy is placed in the hands of Robert DeNiro saying all kinds of dirty stuff that would make most girls cringe in disgust.