Stealing, Catchers and Leno

      I stole a headband once.

      I was like 4 or 5-years-old and I was walking around Walgreen TMs. I saw a nice purple headband and I put it on my head. My mom didn TMt realize I was wearing it until I got home.

      After she figured out that I stole it, I got a good talking to about how not to steal. It TMs safe to say that our little conversation stuck with me.

      However, a little league coach in Arlington thought his players how to steal more than just bases

      Caught stealing: Little League Coach Robs Store with Players

      What I am wondering is if the kids got a cut from the job or did the coach think it was cheaper to go with his players than hiring a crew made up of 17-year-olds.

      Also, on the menu for some midday snacks, one of my favorite writers has died. J.D. Salinger was the writer we loved reading in high school. Cather in the Rye was a relief from our regular reading list of mandated reads.

      JD Salinger dies

      Salinger works will always be loved.

      Before I leave, the big buzz today is Leno TMs appearance on Oprah. If you don TMt have T.V. at work to watch, the Chicago Tribune has a great piece on the interview.

      Leno on Oprah:

      Hope you had a good break from your day. I have a tray of cookies, that our News Director, Ladd Egan, brought in, to devourer.

      Maneeza IqbalInternet Managing Editor