Shopping with my iPhone

So since I started this blog, I TMve been investigating all the different Apps that are available for my iPhone.The list is amazing. There are apps for moms, sports fans, and really just about everything I can think that I might need an App for. Since the possibilities are endless, I plan to use as many of them as possible. Each day, I use a handful of Apps like Hoot Suite, Facebook and the Bejeweled game.Now, I am going to use the Apps that are out there for everyday use so I can tell all of you if the App is worth the money you might spend to get it.This weekend, my family will likely go grocery shopping. It TMs been far too long since we TMve been to the store for one big shopping trip instead of the small (and more expensive) trips.I found a few great grocery apps out there that I TMm hoping will help with our shopping trip. My favorite so far is the Grocery IQ app. It gives me coupons I can clip for items ranging from cereal to diapers. In fact, with all the savings there today, I could save $339.62. The Extreme Couponing girls on TLC would be so proud of me!I love to cook, so apps that give me great recipes are always helpful, but the ones that give me an option to add the ingredients to my grocery list are even better! The Food Network App does me one better. I can add the recipe to a recipe box, and the ingredients to an internal shopping list. Then I can e-mail myself that shopping list or I can use it right in the store.For me, a shopping list is essential. I always forget one item I needed, but more importantly, I have a small child who wants EVERYTHING. I have to shop down the middle of the aisles or he will start grabbing everything in sight. I also have a bigger child (my husband) who will also grab non-listed items, and I have to keep that to a minimum to make those coupon clippings save me money!So what food/grocery apps do you love? Any you love to hate?