R&R in Mexico!

There TMs nothing like a trip to Mexico to deliver some much needed rest and relaxation! I only wish my husband and I would have made the trip last week or this week when the weather has been cool and rainy; and not the first week of April when it was 77 and sunny in good old Mid-MO. But, nonetheless it was a great trip to the Rivera Maya region of Mexico, just a little south of Cancun. Anyone ever been to Rivera Maya? Great place to visit, if you haven TMt been! Great beaches and great all inclusives (if that TMs your thing, I know some people aren TMt fans)!In between the beach-time, spa-time and meal-times; I read a wonderful book: the novel, Water for Elephants. Has anyone read it? It TMs so good! And it was recently made into a movie with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. I heard the movie was pretty good, but I haven TMt seen it yet. When I like a book, I rarely like the movie as much, but you never know! Has anyone seen it?