Premium Rush

Sometimes, less is more. That is the case with a new movie called "Premium Rush". It is the story of New York City bike messengers and most specifically a top-notch bike messenger named Wilee, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Dark Knight Rises", "Inception" and the upcoming "Looper"). He rides like he has a death wish, having removed the brakes from his bikes and using his instincts and quick wits to navigate complicated New York City traffic and sidewalk situations.

Thousands of messages are trafficked throughout New York City everyday by bicycle messengers, but the one that Wilee gets on this day, brings suspense and danger to an already suspenseful and dangerous job. "Premium Rush" plays out like a high stakes poker game, revealing one card at a time and then upping the ante in the second act with high stakes, bluffs and payoff.

"Premium Rush" isnâ??t complicated. At a glance, it is a pretty straightforward action suspense thriller with a pretty traditional map. What it is though, is a well done and extremely real look inside the world of a New York City bike messenger. Unlike a lot of movies these days, "Rush" takes a simple premise and didnâ??t try to blow it out of proportion, but instead they gave us clear insight into who the characters were and what doing what they do entailed. "Rush" was so real, in fact, that Gordon-Levitt actually sliced open his arm rolling up over a taxi in a very important scene, requiring 31 stitches in the middle of filming.

"Premium Rush" is a stylish and hip ride through every corner of New York City you could imagine. The tightly packed film doesnâ??t take up too much of your time and actually has about the same length as a movie, as it takes Wilee to deliver the highly dangerous message. Is it worth a trip to theatre, sure, if you like your action real and personal. Truth is, special effect driven movies are overrated. "Rush" dared to be something that most movie creators these days have forgotten and for that, I recommend it completely.