Pitch Perfect

A-cappella nerds are run amok in the new movie "Pitch Perfect", and how wonderful it is in this day and age of studio doctored album releases that somebody would have the keen sense to make such a movie. Sure, thereâ??s the television show "Glee" that explores the same thing, but the television show "Glee" is studio doctored a-cappella. The beauty of the human voice without instruments or synthesizers is truly a lost art form and "Pitch Perfect" represents well.

The best part about "Pitch Perfect" and the a-cappella that it demonstrates is the realization that Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, 50/50) can really sing among other things. One scene in particular stands out where she auditions for the a-cappella group, â??the Bellasâ??. In the scene, she creates music with her hand and a cup while singing. Brittany Snow as well showed off her singing ability in the television show "American Dream" but here, she hits it out of the park even more. Then there is Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy. You may remember her from the smash hit "Bridesmaids" from last year. She adds the humor and spice to the group.

"Pitch Perfect" isnâ??t without criticism in its predictability. Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton recently teamed up for a more wholesome film called "Joyful Noise" in which a group of choir singers are trying to compete in a national competition and need to spice up their routine. You get the same storyline with "Pitch Perfect". Given though, "Pitch Perfect" is by far the superior film of the two. The comedy is better and the a-cappella is real and well constructed.

The a-cappella in "Pitch Perfect" is the film. Director Jason Moore who knows a thing or two about music, having directed "Avenue Q" on broadway, knew it had to be great. The storyline wasnâ??t going to be the selling point. He also knows a thing or two about what young teen audiences want as well, with a few directing credits on the WB and CW networks. There are many highlights throughout the film and I even found some of the musical numbers in the middle of the film more compelling than the finale.

"Pitch Perfect" is a combination of a lot of films, but the good thing is, all those films are good ones. Movies like "Mean Girls", "Bridesmaids", "Joyful Noise", "Bring it On" and oh, Iâ??d have to mention "Glee" even though Glee is sort of fake a-cappella, are all inspirations for what turned out to be a movie with a routine storyline that you canâ??t take your eyes off of. The script is tight, eventful and always interesting. The humor is good. Everything blended together to lock you the audience into your seat for a fun and toe-tapping good time.