"Oblivion" is a true science fiction story. I say that because a true science fiction story has technology, gadgets and a futuristic view of the world. Of course in "Oblivion" the future of earth is destined for nuclear catastrophe and that theme has been done so many times in movies, it must be true. There are new kinds of drones that are not small planes that drop bombs on targets, but large "Robocop" like circular machines with turrets and a programmed mind that annihilates most anything that moves. Finally, we have a spectacularly cool plane that twists and turns and truly must be seen to explain.

The biggest thing standing in the way of "Oblivion", in my opinion, is an advertisement that claims that it is the best film of the year. Well, it is only April and the summer blockbuster season and the end of the year Oscar season havenâ??t even arrived yet, but thatâ??s a pretty bold statement. So, is it?

I want to say that "Oblivion" is one of the most creative science fiction movies Iâ??ve seen in years, but Iâ??m going to hold off on that because truly, its creativity is a collage of many science fiction movies that came before it. Iâ??m not going to list those movies because I donâ??t want to give anything away, but there are probably six. Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a mechanic assigned to a wife who work as a team patrolling an area that wasnâ??t affected by nuclear fallout and repairing downed drones. Harper and all other known survivors have had their memories cleared; yet he continues to have dreams of his past life.

"Oblivion" has a moody pace to it, occasionally it is eventful and consuming and occasionally it is slow and dramatic. Unlike many movies these days that spend zero time at all building up character and just want to dazzle you with all the really nifty effects theyâ??ve discovered, "Oblivion" does the opposite; it puts character first and then sucks you in with the effects. Maybe a happy medium would have worked better, but Iâ??m not going to complain because Iâ??m tired of movies that make you feel nothing but, "Wow! That looked cool." Thankfully, somebody in Hollywood realizes that you need to put heart first when telling a story. If youâ??re tired of emotion-free action/science fiction movies as well, youâ??ll probably love "Oblivion".

I have a hard time believing by the end of 2013 that "Oblivion" will be the best movie of the year. The elements that make up the story are way too recycled to have too much of an impact down the road. Although for now, the realizations of the technology and the heart that it delivers make it the best movie Iâ??ve seen so far this year. Thankfully, great actors like Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and an emotional performance by Andrea Risenborough turned a stale story into something memorable and good.