Iron Man 3

Iâ??m beginning to think that these superhero movies are toying with their fans and viewers, doing just enough to keep people wanting more with each movie they release. You come expecting to see Batman or Iron Man and mostly you get a lot of scenes of Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark either unable to be their alter egos because their stuck in a hole, hurt, emotionally scarred, trying to fix their suit, or maybe they havenâ??t become their alter-egos yet and we need half the movie to get there. Or maybe the script, in the case of Iron Man 2, is just bad and you get the entire core of the movie without Iron Man; with the exception of a brief scene where Tony Stark is drunk and shooting fruit at a party. Could these billion-dollar franchises be saving money on special effects, or was my initial assessment correct?

Iron Man 3 is no exception. Without giving too much away, the middle of the movie is spent with Tony Stark suit less because it needs to be fixed. So, ultimately we get the same thing we got in Iron Man 2; a setup, a big scene in the beginning, a talky middle and a slam-bam finish. The good news is, the writing is much better from writer/director Shane Black, among others. Not to mention, Robert Downey Jr., is one of the best there is. The middle and mostly Iron Man free part is not without action, it is just Tony Stark doing the action, with some Iron Manish gadgets. This is why I believe this trend of superhero movies with sparse superhero moments is not unintentional.

To me though, "Iron Man 3" is without question the best of the trilogy; although that isnâ??t saying much. "Iron Man" was promising and good, but as I already said, they spent more than an hour of time becoming Iron Man and never got into the meat and bones of it. "Iron Man 2" was, again, as I said, victim of a bad script that basically should have just showed the first 30 minutes and the last 40 minutes and charged everybody half price.

Fortunately for "Iron Man 3", you canâ??t cut out the core of the movie and still get the gist of it. While it does do the same thing as "Iron Man 2", the story is intricate, complex and thought provoking. While Stark is out of sorts and without a suit, he becomes a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, figuring out the mystery of who the terrorist â??The Mandrinâ?? is and where he will strike next. We miss Iron Man through those scenes, but we are still invested in the film and sure enough when the suit finally reaches its full potential, we get what we paid for in a smash up finale that was right up there with "The Avengers".

Iâ??m not going give "Iron Man 3" my top billing approval, but it is certainly up there. I just donâ??t want these studios and all the billions their making off of us, to think they can nickel-and-dime us like everybody else in the world is these days. Iâ??m onto their game. Nonetheless, Iâ??ll probably go see "Iron Man 3" again; and buy the blu-ray. Talk amongst yourselves.