Getting started: Drink more water!

Getting started:

I started in a fitness "Boot Camp" at Wilson's Fitness on Forum, Monday August 22 and embarked on a 12 session journey to improve my health, pledging to give my fitness level a boost.

I've always been thin, but after having four kids (two sets of twins), and driving long-distance to a full-time job, "working out" has definitely taken a back seat to fast food and much needed naps. Now is the time to give myself a fighting chance to get moving again.

My immediate goal for the boot camp is to maintain my weight and build some muscle. I also want to build more stamina for exercise. I would like to join some of those 5K races I promote in my Healthwatch segments on KRCG. As my kids reach their pre-teen years, I look forward to more athletic activities with them. My husband and I would love to take them skiing one day, but I need the stamina to endure the high altitude, and the leg strength to navigate even the easy slopes.

I don't have many responsibilities on our family cattle farm, but when I'm called on to help I usually wish I was stronger for the chores. We laugh that I have to carry one five gallon bucket of feed at a time, while my husband carries two... or more.

It's time to get moving.

Baseline measurements:

The first step for our small group is getting a baseline for our fitness. Our drill instructor for the boot camp was much nicer than the ones I've seen on TV! Personal trainer, Lisa Kent recorded our weight, measured body composition, and calculated our body fat. We walked, jogged, or ran a mile on the treadmill and timed ourselves doing sit-ups and push-ups. I won't reveal my numbers, but seeing the results on paper helps me see my weaknesses and set some new goals for my time in boot camp.

Drink more water!

Our first "homework" assignment was to drink a lot of water. I'm racing to the bathroom more these days. Lisa recommended we drink half of our body weight in ounces of water. Try it. Take your body weight, divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water each day. I was drowning in water, but this web site confirms the total she gave me.

Co-workers suggested I drink with a straw to get more water down or add flavor. Here are more tips I found online for how to drink down so much water.

I also checked Lisa's advice with an exercise specialist at Capital Region Medical Center's Healthplex. Damon Motley says the best way to be sure you are hydrated is to check that you are using the bathroom every 3-4 hours.. and when you do be sure that your urine is straw colored or light yellow. It's gross to think about, but Motley says dark urine or a smell indicates a problem.

Experts agree it's difficult to drink too much water. It's rare, but possible. Water intoxication is seen in marathon runners who overhydrate.

We'll focus on documenting our healthy habits in the days to come.

Day two looms in a few hours. It's off to bed to get some much needed sleep.

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