Critics' Corner: Top 10 Least Worthwhile of the Year

This is my Top 10 list of the least worthwhile films of 2013. Some I consider for this list because their flat out horrible and some have some quality to them, but were hugely disappointing.

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#1. "The Counselor" - Just horrible. The damage to all involved's careers cannot yet be judged. A painfully egotistical screenplay is unfortunately, completely realized.

#2. "R.I.P.D." - The sad thing about "R.I.P.D." is that it could have been actually pretty good. It had a decent premise but the creators decided that it was okay to be painfully similar to "M.I.B." and then allowed Jeff Bridges to mumble numerous jokes that would have been funnier coming from his model counterpart.

#3. "After Earth" - Will Smith does the noble thing and uses his clout to get his not-as-charismatic son into a big budget blockbuster-hyped-movie. The result is the movie and there are more Smith family movies to come.

#4. "The Hangover 3" - The joke was only mildly amusing in the original "Hangover", but people flocked to the theaters and talked to their friends about how hilarious it was and that was enough to garner two horrible sequels.

#5. "Man of Steel" - It pains me to put "Man of Steel" on this list because it wasn't horrible, but it was disappointing on many levels. First and foremost it was boring despite relentless things happening and then you throw in an Australian Kryptonian, the Air Force attacking Kansas, a killing Superman and ridiculous building destruction and "Man of Steel" makes my list.

#6. "Planes" & "Turbo" - Yes, animated movies can be terrible and "Planes" & "Turbo" are terrible. Dreamworks and Disney can make lemons and here is the proof. Both movies have silly premises and at least with "Turbo" you can actually, maybe, make it to the end without losing interest. I can't say that for "Planes".

#7. "A Good Day to Die Hard" - This is a perfect example of how horrible things can go when you take a movie series as American as "Die Hard" and take it to a foreign country. Bruce Willis drives a humvee over traffic and the personality that we loved from the original is gone like the wind.

#8. "The Big Wedding" - In the 80s and 90s these kind of movies were what everybody wanted; movies about absolutely nothing. A bunch of screwed-up people get together for a wedding and start lying to each other. Robert DeNiro talks dirty to all the women and a bunch of big celebrities, for some unknown reason, jumped onto a who-cares screenplay.

#9. "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" - Watch the movie on video and when Will Ferrell hits his head figure skating, turn it off and move on. This is a funny movie that ventures into the 'what were they thinking' after Burgundy gets whacked.

#10. "Iron Man 3" - After three movies and billions of dollars, you'd think they would have given us something better than "Iron Man 2" and they did, but not by much. Once again, Tony Stark spends most of the movie as Tony Stark trying to fix a suit and then after spending most of the movie doing so, we find out that he could have called dozens of Iron Man suits. I guess they were just for the fireworks finale though. Stupid.

Dishonorable mentions: "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", "White House Down", "Oz: The Great and Powerful", "Carrie" & "The Getaway"