Critics' Corner: Thor: The Dark World

"Thor: Dark World" is another addition to the on-going series of Marvel superhero movies that have displayed an uncanny knack for longevity and success. There seems to be no end to the public's desire for individual superhero movies as well as gathering them all together for "Avengers" movies. "Avengers: The Age of Ultron" is slated to release in 2015. This has been cause for some criticism as some of the individual movies are more tie-in than stand alone films.

I'm the first to admit that many of these Marvel movies appear to me to be more money-making ventures than exercises in good film-making. Sure, all movies are money-making ventures, but some of these films were hampered by lazy scripts and events that are just there to string you along to the next movie or to sit through long stretches of movie with sparse action, watching talking heads or even montages of events.

"Thor" was the movie I was least excited about, having been an Iron Man fan growing up, but it was "Thor" that I actually ended up enjoying the most out of all the films. It wasn't lazy film-making, it had a good script, they didn't sell the viewer short with a superhero incapacitated or give you an hour of film where the only action is a superhero shooting fruit while drunk. Most importantly, they had a story to tell that engrossed the entire film.

"Thor: The Dark World", for lack of better words, makes all of the other Marvel films, with the exception of "Avengers", look like they were made by amateurs with good equipment. Just as I was growing tired of superhero films (and I'm a huge fan), "Thor: The Dark World" shattered all of that. It is quite simply the most complete action/adventure film I have seen in years. Not only did the movie have a good story to tell, it was loaded with charm and skillful creativity from top to bottom.

You want films to take you there and not remind you that you went somewhere until its over and "Thor: The Dark World" did that on all levels. I haven't sat through a film with such joy and involvement and forgotten my critical eye since I was a teenager. It was an effects and visual marvel and never once did I think they were trying to cheap out the viewer with a lazy script. "Thor: The Dark World" let it all hang out and in the process, they may have created one of the most complete and entertaining films in decades. It was funny, frightening, exciting, intelligent, intriguing and a movie not to be missed, even if you aren't a follower of the Marvel series.