Critics' Corner: The Lego Movie

Every parent in the free world knows the mystique and endlessness of the Lego and every parent in the world knows the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and feeling one of those Legos seemingly cut your foot to the bone. They also know the price tag of such Lego's and their child's disregard for formalities. That's what makes "The Lego Movie" such a great thing. While the 3D is dazzling and entertaining, the Lego's don't come out of the screen so that you can step on them and the price tag is no different than any other movie.

All that aside, "The Lego Movie" is a creative and imaginative movie for all ages. An ordinary lego named Emmet Brickowski wakes up in his world where 'Everything is Awesome' and soon finds his ordinary world exploded into a world of endless possibility. When Emmet finds a mysterious girl named Wildstyle tinkering around his construction site after hours, he becomes involved in her search for an object called 'the piece of resistance'; thus opening his eyes to incredible possibilities.

Every moment of the movie is endlessly entertaining and we quickly realize that the possibilities keep us continuously on our toes and unsure of what may be next. The little in-destructive pieces just keep clicking together to form more and more environments and story-lines. The entire thing plays out like an epic play day for any child; even with ghosts on strings and boats and spaceships moving off screen with a 'brrrrrrrrrrr...'

With all the pop culture references and movie references, "The Lego Movie" is a movie that everybody will enjoy. There are endless movie references and characters such as Batman, Superman, Han Solo, Chewie, Gandolf and so on. Not only that, you won't understand the ultimate meaning of the film until its finale. After watching a movie that played liked an assault on the synapse, it finished with a feeling of calm and promise.

Sure, it may have been the longest commercial in the history of film-making, but despite stepping on those little things in the middle of the night and crying out in pain, or wondering why such a little tiny thing costs so much money, Lego's are an amazing source of imagination, patience and building mentality for children; just like the movie.