Critics' Corner: The Amazing Spiderman 2

I really have grown tired of the endless comparisons of the two series' of Spiderman, the 'Tobey Maguire' trilogy and the reboot "Amazing Spiderman". In this age of cynicism and free technology, it seems that there is no pleasing everybody and the truth is; that's correct. The 'Tobey Maguire' trilogy had its qualities that peaked with the second installment and then lost its way despite 6-films being planned. The third movie was a scripting mess that had multiple villains and still managed to have half the movie taken up with romance and talking about romance. The fourth movie never took off because despite numerous rewrites and retools, Director Sam Raimi continued to "hate it"; no surprise from me after seeing "Spiderman 3".

Spiderman was rebooted in 2012 with "The Amazing Spiderman", picking up where Raimi's "Spiderman 4" was supposed to go; with the Lizard. Yet, many continued to cling to Tobey Maguire's version of Peter Parker like he were the characters originator. Despite the fact that "The Amazing Spiderman" has more depth, better acting, better scripting and better more fulfilling action sequences, people don't like change and as usual, fans don't like Hollywood taking liberties with the things they've wrapped their mind around already.

"Amazing Spiderman 2", upon first observation looked as though it were going to fall into the same pitfall as numerous other superhero movies with too many story-lines going on. Early on it did have a couple awkward scene transitions. Although, for the most part, this is a movie about Spiderman and Electro with Oscorp and Harry Osborne in the background. As I said before, the scripting is well done, the balance is well juggled and regardless which story-line they are giving us, it all ties together in the end; a sign of much better writing than the original series.

I don't judge movies based upon what came before, what is 'supposed' to be or what my brain may have scripted for the movie, I judge based upon the movie at hand. "The Amazing Spiderman 2" is a tremendously fun, funny, dramatic and emotional success. Sally Field and Andrew Garfield bring a personality and depth to the character's that has done exactly what the creator's intended; rebooting the series and taking it to a new level.

I was excited after the first "Amazing Spiderman" because I knew that the establishment of Spiderman was out of the way; again, and that the second installment would be more fulfilling and more action packed. I was not disappointed and I can't wait for whatever is next in the Spiderman universe.