Critics' Corner: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It has been a little more than twenty-years since the â??muppetishâ?? â??Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IIIâ?? and Iâ??d have to admit that with the popularity and quality of the Nickelodeon cartoon, that a reboot was warranted. The pre-criticism has been rampant and nowadays thatâ??s fairly typical. Everybody has access to computers and phones and can voice their opinions like never before. More importantly, everybody can make a better movie than those that do.

There is plenty to criticize about â??TMNT 2014â??, but it may or may not have been a better movie than expected. Megan Fox was just fine as April Oâ??Neill, the Turtles did have unique personalities and the fact that the turtles had noses wasnâ??t a big deal in the least. On the other hand, although Michael Bay didnâ??t direct the film (Johnathan Liebsman did), the markings of Producer Bay were all over the film, and thatâ??s not a good thing.

As with 1998â??s Michael Bay brain-hurter â??Armageddonâ??, many of the sequences are edited into hundreds of three-second shots that are tough to watch. The opening animated sequence was such an assault on the senses that I had to look away from the screen during it. It was such a flurry of shots that I was so busy concentrating on the bombardment that I have zero idea what was even said during it. Much of the film is shot with a handy-cam style and in close, making some of the darker scenes pointless in 3D and some of the scenes actually really cool. It was a mixed bag.

Another trademark of Michael Bay reared its ugly head with one ridiculous scene that didnâ??t have to be so ridiculous, and Iâ??m not even talking about the tower falling scene at the end of the film. A scene of cars and trucks crashing down a snowy hill was okay until it went on and on forever and just kept tumbling and tumbling further into overdone land. Not to mention, two human characters somehow survived the idiocy.

I could go on and on with the criticisms; some of the scenes were staged ridiculously and Will Arnettâ??s character, Vernon Fenwick, was way too heroic toward the end of the movie, which was a total over-step. Yet, notice I said nothing about Megan Fox and the Turtles were, well, the turtles. That being said, the movie was fun. You can sit there all day and criticize and knit-pick (and you certainly can) or you can forget your critical eye and have fun. If you do that, Turtles is good enough.