Critics Corner: Robocop

Paul Verhoeven may not have always been on top of his game (Showgirls), but he had something that many directors back then and now donâ??t have and can never have; the ability to entertain with unabashed disregard for anything but entertainment (Flesh + Blood, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers & Robocop 1987). His disregard for everything Hollywood was his secret weapon. He knew exactly what audiences wanted; they wanted violence, sex and they wanted to be involved in the characters. He had no agenda up his sleeve and he never wasted a single minute with a useless conversation, only good ones.

The reboot of "Robocop", directed by Jose Padiha, has its qualities and it has its problems. The 1987 "Robocop" was missing two things in my opinion: technology and a connection between Alex Murphy aka Robocop and his wife and child. The reboot "Robo" brings both of those in spades, although absent is Verhoevenâ??s fun. In place of the 80s no-holes barred delivery was an agenda that couldnâ??t be made clearer than having Samuel L. Jackson angrily speaking it to you. In place of the original movies fun was an overabundance of politics and relentless talk about the business end of Robocop. Exactly what people these days, donâ??t want to have in their movies.

"Robo" 2014 is similar to the "Iron Man" movies in my opinion and not because of the metal suit, but because what you get is a whole lot of talk and a few short scenes of Robo being Robo. When the action is going, it is well done. Robo is actually very cool and the upgrade in technology is commendable but upgrades in technology mean nothing if the story isnâ??t engrossing. Take the original for example; the technology was weak. The Ed-209 robot was nearly laughable; yet we didnâ??t care, the story had us.

I was pleased to see them bring the heart and soul of Alex Murphy to light by integrating his wife and child into the storyline, but this was almost overdone as well. "Robocop" 2014 isnâ??t a total loss. Itâ??s a good movie, but the choices they made in my opinion kept his thing from truly taking off. The last thing I wanted to do was sit through a Omnicorp sales and management meeting, but that is almost exactly what the movie feels like.