Critics' Corner: Neighbors

The director and writer that brought you recent comedies like â??The 40-year old Virginâ??, â??Talladega Nightsâ??, â??Forgetting Sarah Marshallâ?? and â??The Five-Year Engagementâ?? are back with a sort of â??Animal Houseâ?? for a new generation. â??Neighborsâ?? (2014) is more of a merging of â??Animal Houseâ?? and another movie named â??Neighborsâ?? that came out in 1981 with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, where a normal, quiet man's life is turned upside down when an obnoxious neighbor moves in next door. In this 2014 version of â??Neighborsâ??, Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are the ones dealing with the new neighbor, playing Mac and Kelly Radner; parents to a newborn.

Everything in the 21st century has to be bigger and better though, so instead of the neighbor being just a man and his wife, as in â??Neighborsâ?? (1981), Mac and Kelly Radner get a fraternity that is as wild as the Delta Tau Chi from â??Animal Houseâ??. Although, the Delta Psi's from â??Neighborsâ?? (2014) are suited to fit a new generation of fraternity and a new generation of audience that requires more and more of everything. These frat boys are a level of debauchery that set a new standard for future frats to live up to. So, with the Radners having a new baby, they are trying to walk a thin line between keeping peace in the neighborhood, getting sleep and not looking uncool to the party animals next door.

There are a number of things right about â??Neighborsâ?? that explain why it is quickly becoming a surprise hit. First of all, all of the performances are completely genuine and real. Zac Efron may have finally shed his pretty boy â??High School Musicalâ?? persona for good after this one. Rose Byrne has finally done a movie and a role where people will actually remember who she is in the future. Seth Rogan, well, he's Seth Rogan; the same guy he's always played and too often shirtless, but his typical persona fits like a glove in this role. On top of that, the writing and the dialogue that goes on throughout the movie is continuously engaging, witty and believable.

There is absolutely nothing unique and original about â??Neighborsâ??. Not only is it a complete ripoff of two John Belushi movies, â??Animal Houseâ?? and â??Neighborsâ??, but it makes no bones about what it is; a sophomoric, sleazy, prank-filled, slap-fest. This is a good movie once or possibly twice, but due to its lack of complexity, the gags won't stand the test of time and seeing Seth Rogan naked one too many times is the final straw to its limited longevity.

It's a movie only for those who can stand extreme filth and enjoy witty and realistic dialogue. You also may want to see this if you're sending your kid off to college. While this may be an extreme case of what happens at college parties, I'd say it isn't that far off and if your child is leaving home for the first time and you haven't had 'the talk' yet; it may be time.