Critics' Corner: Muppets Most Wanted

"The Muppets" movie from 2011 reintroduced a fixture of many adult childhoods to a brand new generation of kids. Kermit the Frog and gang were out of the entertainment business and scattered too-and-fro. They were a forgotten group of misfits that possibly had something to do with the death of the backbone of the entire phenomenon, Jim Henson in 1990. Of course, thatâ??s a little too deep of a topic for an actual Muppet movie, but much of the Muppets comedy comes from reality and while they were never forgotten by their fans, now adults; they were just missed.

That was the entire story of the reintroduction movie of 2011 and it was a smash hit, so naturally there would be a sequel. It literally picked up right where the first movie left off; right in the middle of the street where everybody had been singing "Mahna Mahna". The crowd clears, the set clears and the Muppets realize that all of their loyal fans were paid actors and they needed to decide then and there, what the next movie, this movie was going to be about.

The song and dance begins and while much of the music wasnâ??t quite as memorable as the first movieâ??s, "Lifeâ??s a Happy Song", "Pictures in My Head", "Me Party" or "Man or Muppet", the chaos that was Muppets backstage is more prevalent, just on a world stage. Although, watching a group of prisoners in a Siberian gulag, led by Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo, doing ballet and trying to put on a Muppetish performance was pretty hysterical.

Thereâ??s something magical about the Muppets and their chaotic adventures, because despite the fact that the movie attempted probably two hundred jokes and only five or six of them actually were funny enough to make me laugh, I can still say that I had a good time at the movies. The movie is always moving and really only challenged my interest once when Miss Piggy and Celine Dion went into some weird black and white love song with MTV effects and such. I have no idea where Celine Dion came from either.

Many of the various characters that didnâ??t get much attention in the first movie got the same treatment in the second movie as well. In fact, thereâ??s a lot wrong with the movie and its scripting. Despite that, itâ??s a Muppet movie and nobody can say that all of the Muppet movies were great or even good, but they were all Muppets movies and thereâ??s something still pretty phenomenal about watching cloth characters come to life. Itâ??s a step back from "The Muppets" 2011 movie, but it is definitely faster paced and entertaining.