Critics' Corner: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, is back with his wounded and repaired Night Fury dragon Toothless. Heâ??s a little older now and sort of a legend in his small community of Berk. He changed the way his people lived in the first â??How to Train Your Dragonâ??. The dragons now live among the people as companions and helpers. Things are peaceful, happy and productive five years later, but we wouldnâ??t have a movie if it was going to stay that way.

First and foremost, the imagery and design of â??HtTyD2â?? is absolutely breathtaking and epic fantasy adventure stuff. In the five years that have passed since we last saw Hiccup and Toothless destroy the Red Death and end the war between the Vikings and Dragons, they have perfected many gadgets and flight techniques and it was cool to see the creators put this into the forefront. This detail added to the movies worth and authenticity.

The introduction of the vigilante Valka in the first third of the movie was absolutely top notch. Everything about the characters introduction was awe-inspiring and had all the intrigue and visual coolness of anything that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg ever dreamed up. The entire revolution of the character throughout the film was incredibly interesting and essential to the quality of the film.

Director and writer Dean DeBlois crafted a worthy follow-up to the hit from 2010 and much of that is possible by crafting a worthy and fear-inspiring villain. Drago Bludvist, voiced by Djimon Hounsou, is a conqueror amassing an army of dragons and his character is also very effectively used. The build up to his introduction is done well and makes for some very intense storytelling.

â??How to Train Your Dragon 2â?? is a more mature turn than the original. The danger is greater and the intensity and drama that hangs over the film will be a lot to swallow for some smaller children. The humor is still for all ages, but this movie is more of a rival to â??Lord of the Ringsâ?? or â??Star Warsâ?? than most childrenâ??s movies.

While there is much to praise about â??HtTyD2â??, the outstanding buildup and development of the story was followed by a disappointing finale. We all know itâ??s coming but the tact and development that made the film so engaging went by the wayside with an uninspired and routine ending. Despite that, â??HtTyD2â?? is one of a kind and garners more emotional and awe inspiring moments than â??The Hobbitâ?? has in two films.