Critics' Corner: Guardians of the Galaxy

Some may say that â??Guardians of the Galaxyâ?? was the throw away movie for Marvel Studios. It comes from a lesser known series of comics and characters that have spanned sporadically throughout the Marvel universe since 1969. Even some Marvel faithfulâ??s were forced to admit that they were unfamiliar with the characters. Marvel Studios may have thought it was a throw away movie but Director James Gunn didnâ??t think so. In fact, in my opinion, Marvel may have told James Gunn to just have fun with it because thatâ??s what it looks like, and he certainly did.

On top of just plain being a complete blast of a movie to watch, â??Guardiansâ?? may just be more poetic and meaningful than it ever planned on being. The characters Star-lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax the Destroyer and Gamora, form an unlikely team of misfits. As the movie guides us through the details of how they become a team, they dance a fine line between hatred, love, respect and disrespect. This bond is the glue that holds the whole movie together and culminates with some well-placed emotion that reminds you how important it is for somebody to have your back and visa-versa.

I was a little worried that â??Guardiansâ?? would not be as snappy and catchy as the amazing trailer that began circulating earlier this year but my concern was quickly thwarted. The movie is from beginning to end, completely engaging and never once loses the snappiness that you come to expect. The characters are evenly layered and completely unique; which makes their coming together as a team all the more interesting.

Director James Gunn had some fun with â??Guardiansâ?? and in doing so, may have paid the ultimate homage to Marvelâ??s creator, Stan Lee. Coming from Troma Pictures, heâ??s used to having some creative liberties and heâ??s proven that his liberties are usually good ones. What may have been a forgotten comic book series for Marvel has been revitalized and is one of the most entertaining movies to come along in years. It isnâ??t without fault; the ending is a little confusing and disappointing, but everything that happens before that is more than worth the price of admission.