Critics' Corner: Edge of Tomorrow

Thankfully movies like â??Edge of Tomorrowâ?? still exist. The film is based upon a Japanese novel called â??All You Need is Killâ?? by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, but it has no superheroes, it isnâ??t a sequel and it isnâ??t based upon any characters previously portrayed in film. Its idea may not be completely original but its tactics and portrayals lead to a completely entertaining trip to the movies.

In a not too distant future an alien race called â??The Mimicsâ?? are quickly taking over large populations of Earth. Major William Cage (Cruise), a spokesman for the United Defense Forces, is not a military man, but that doesnâ??t stop General Brigham from ordering him to take up arms and join the front lines of the battle to take back France; a sort of D-Day reboot with Aliens.

â??Edge of Tomorrowâ?? uses the same storytelling method as â??Groundhogâ??s Dayâ??, â??Looperâ?? or â??Source Codeâ?? and surprisingly brought some of that â??Groundhogâ??s Dayâ?? humor along for the ride. Major Cage is a fish out of water as he is suited up in the high-tech exo-skeleton battle armor and the creators use the time looping moments to successfully hilarious moments.

Bottom line, Tom Cruise makes great movies and â??Edge of Tomorrowâ?? is no exception. It is everything that is great about summer blockbusters and it is everything that has been forgotten about cinema in general. There once was a time when you werenâ??t so certain about the fate of the characters in your movie, full-well knowing that they are either invincible or planned for the sequel. There once was a time when action movies made you actually feel something other than, â??Eww, that was cool.â??

â??Edge of Tomorrowâ?? is a must see for every reason possible. You care about Cruiseâ??s Major Cage and you care even more about Emily Bluntâ??s Rita Vrataski (Angel of Verdum). The movie uses the wide possibilities of film and entertainment to the fullest, never letting up and knowing when to be serious and when to have fun with its premise. This is the kind of movie that we need more of and less of the special effects heavy movies that make you feel absolutely nothing.