Critics' Corner: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Pierre Boulleâ??s 1963 novel â??La Planeteâ?? des Singesâ?? spawned many â??Planet of the Apesâ?? movies that spans nearly 50-years, beginning with the classic Charlton Heston film in 1968. All of which have the same theme that appears to never get old; the fragility of humanity and the senselessness of war. This version, â??Dawn of the Planet of the Apesâ?? is the follow up to 2011â??s â??Rise of the Planet of the Apesâ??. Iâ??m not too sure thereâ??s much of a difference between the words â??Riseâ?? and â??Dawnâ??, but thatâ??s beside the point.

I could nit-pick a few nickel and dime flaws in â??Dawn of the Planet of the Apesâ??, but the essence of the franchise and its meaning is alive and well. 2011â??s â??Riseâ?? was an okay movie with a small plot and a cool Caesar ape portrayed by Andy Serkis who is quickly becoming a legend of playing CGI characters; Gollum, King Kong and now Caesar. â??Dawn of the Planet of the Apesâ?? is a huge step up from â??Riseâ?? in nearly every way possible.

If you thought Caesar was cool in â??Riseâ??, wait until you see â??Dawnâ??. In 1968, â??Planet of the Apesâ?? set a standard for makeup and costuming by creating a community of apes that looked amazing. Now days, watching 1968â??s â??Planetâ??, we are no longer amazed at guys and girls in monkey suits. The motion capture technology in â??Dawnâ?? has set a new standard, just as â??Planetâ?? did back then. Although as good as it is, effects alone do not make a movie.

â??Dawnâ?? isnâ??t complicated. Youâ??d think that it would be as the name portrays, but it really isnâ??t. Co-existence is apparently a tough thing to practice in the real world and in monkey/human movies. That is pretty much the nuts and bolts of the movie. It isnâ??t done on a grand scale, as the word â??planetâ?? implies, but in a small mountainous area. Ideals collide and symbolic struggles begin.

â??Dawn of the Planet of the Apesâ?? is a really good movie and a big step up from its predecessor, but it certainly isnâ??t without some mild flaws. The biggest of those in my opinion, wasnâ??t the small scale of the film but in one final motivation right before the credits rolled that took everything you learned throughout the film about Caesar and tossed it out the window. Fortunately, they saved that until the very ending and it doesnâ??t ruin a really good time at the movies.