Critics' Corner: Carrie

Steven King's first published novel was "Carrie" in 1974 and then two-years later in 1976, the film came. "Carrie" starred a relative newcomer at the age of 27 named Sissy Spacek. Spacek brought the character to life and had one of the most iconic film scenes of all time. That one scene caused young girls for ages to always look over their heads at the prom.

The new version of "Carrie" stars Chloe Grace Moretz, who is not a newcomer, has been part of almost 30 films to date and is only 16. Moretz is a perfect casting choice for a film that was trying to emulate the original. She is the right age for an awkward high school girl with no friends and she even somewhat looks like a young Sissy Spacek. Moretz, who has been acting since she was 8, proves that she is a fine actress, effortlessly moving from shy teenage recluse to shy teenage recluse with a glimmer of hope, but at times her postures are extremely annoying and over-exaggerated; a tilted head here and a twisted shoulder there; product of pre-effect acting.

Both movies, 1976 & 2013, delve into the life of a girl who is held prisoner by a religious fanatic mother and therefore has no social abilities. Although where her social abilities are virtually non-existent, she finds that she has unlimited ability of telekinesis. This is the nuts and bolts of both movies, but the problem is, the stuff in between is also pretty much the same in both movies.

The new version didn't explore any new venues. After viewing the new version, I can only guess that they just wanted to retell the story to a culture of people who are more acutely aware of school bullying and spruce up the special effects when they come about. The movie plays like an old-style film experience, not overtly focusing on special effects and events and giving us a rich amount of personality, which I like, but if you're gonna make the exact same movie, you sure better make it better than the original. It wasn't.

"Carrie" 2013 isn't a bad film and I'm sure for those who haven't seen the original film it may even be a good film. From somebody who has seen the original though, it was a waste of time and effort. To make matters worse, the effects that were done in 1976 may have been from the 20th century and before HD, pixels and green screen effects, but at least the effects looked real. The effects in the new version did nothing to approve upon the original and most of the time, you can tell that Moretz is acting before the layers of effects are placed. Not to mention, many of the effects went over the top and left us with the impression that Carrie was more X-Men than high school girl with strong telekinesis.