Critics' Corner: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The over-saturation of Marvel superhero movies on Hollywood and movie theaters across the world continues with the second Captain America movie, "The Winter Soldier". There is an over-saturation that many will take issue with me saying and many will agree, but in order to remain diplomatic I will admit that over-saturation can be forgiven when the script is good. I don't mind superhero movies, in fact, I love them; but I have had issues with the vanilla screenplays that have been present more often than not.

The original "Captain America" film, in my opinion, was one of those vanilla screenplays with a ultra weak villain and large chunks of film taken up with multiple montage sequences due to lazy storytelling and doing what many of the superhero movies are guilty of, setting up future films. They are all guilty of setting up future films, but some it seems it was their only purpose. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" sets up future films as well, but I'm happy to say that I didn't see a single montage in the entire film and the script is one of the better of all of the Marvel movies.

There are some flashback scenes in "Winter Soldier" that remind us of events in the original film. The original was 3-years ago and so the reminders are welcome, but more importantly they serve importance because the films are connected. It is recommended that you watch the first film before seeing the new one, despite the fact that I found it disappointing for the most part. Thankfully, "Winter Soldier" makes viewing the first one worth while.

Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have maybe learned a lesson after writing the first "Captain America" because they also wrote "Thor: The Dark World". Both "Dark World" and "Winter Soldier" are in my humble opinion, huge improvements upon the typical screenplay's we are getting with these movies. Finally, we are getting stories with some substance and movies that are not just superhero movies but great action movies and great science fiction movies.

"Winter Soldier" is a grand technological achievement because the best thing about it is that the creators have achieved a world where you feel as if the marvel world could exist. The action sequences are real and intense and the 'superness' of Captain America is nicely blended into the real world environments. The best part of "Winter Soldier" though, is that we actually get a feel of who Captain America is. Not just his powers, but who he is as a man and what makes him tick. That is the type thing that makes a good movie and a good screenplay, great.

Whether you like superhero movies are not, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is not just that; it is a great action movie. It quite simply revitalizes my hope that the rest of Marvel's flood of movies won't be disappointing, just as I was about to lose interest. Marvel is finally putting all that money we've given them toward a better product and in wiser places; screenplays.