Critics' Corner: 22 Jump Street

Schmidt and Jenko have returned from their 2012 hit â??21 Jump Streetâ?? and they just moved one street over to â??22 Jump Streetâ??. There isnâ??t much different on 22 Jump Street, in fact, itâ??s just right across the street and instead of our two goofballs going back to high school, they are going off to college. They make no apologies for their â??movie-in-a-canâ?? type delivery, but maybe they should have.

If you didnâ??t like â??21 Jump Streetâ??, it is safe to say, you will hate â??22 Jump Streetâ??. It is the same movie in a different location. Our undercover drug enforcement cops are still terrible cops and they once again deal with popularity separation, just like in the first movie, they once again are tracking down a dealer with a new drug and they once again, accidentally take some of said drug and go off into trippy-land. In fact, the creators know that they are making the same movie and they actually used the credits to tell the audience if they are fool enough to keep giving them their money, they can expect â??23 Jump Street: Med Schoolâ?? and a slew of other situational â??movie-in-in-a-canâ?? movies.

There are some pretty hysterical moments in â??22 Jump Streetâ?? but at one point, something so ridiculous happened that I needed to be reminded that the movie was funny and it never happened. One of those college mascot golf carts was being used in a high speed chase with a Humvee and they were firing shots and driving all over town like it was destruction city, despite the fact that the bad guys certainly didnâ??t want to be discovered and the entire thing ended with the mascot cart hitting a football goal post and exploding. From that point on, the comedy was lazy, tactless and stupid.

â??22 Jump Streetâ?? is not without its merits. I did find some of the comedy in the early parts of the film very effective and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have an amazing rapport with each other, but the screenplay was about as complicated as counting to four. To make matters worse, every time our heroes stumbled across the bad guys they would just walk up and say, â??Stop. Weâ??re the police.â?? After about the third time doing this, I was actually hoping that they would be shot to death and they would roll the credits. I like funny, but I donâ??t like stupid.

I can have fun with most movies but one thing I really donâ??t like is laziness and everything from beginning to end in â??22 Jump Streetâ?? can be defined with laziness. This is easy money for Hollywood. The script could have been written in a day and by anybody. We should demand better from out movies, but unfortunately this is what people are paying to see and outstanding movies with great screenplays and more effective humor like â??Edge of Tomorrowâ?? get disappointing results.