Critics' Corner: 2 Guns

I sure do love a good shoot emâ?? up and that is pretty much what "2 Guns" is. Although somehow the creators managed to blend and old fashion crime, gun-slinging action flick with a movie like "Oceanâ??s Eleven". Itâ??s a heist, action, comedy, western, thriller and espionage movie all rolled into one. You may think that may be a little too much for a movie to try and bite off and chew but with people like Denzel Washington, Bill Paxton, Edward James Olmos and Mark Wahlberg driving the ship. It all seems to work.

Denzel plays Robert â??Bobbyâ?? Trench and Wahlberg plays Michael â??Stigâ?? Stigman. They are partners who have many complicated layers that only the viewer should be saddled with figuring out because thatâ??s half the fun. In fact, as the two men start the movie off setting up a scenario for a bank robbery we quickly realize that the chemistry between the two is half the fun. We havenâ??t seen such great chemistry between two on screen partners since the Lethal Weapon movies.

Bill Paxton hasnâ??t played such a phenomenal bad guy since he tortured Wyatt and whacked Garyâ??s girlfriend on the top of the head with the shotgun in "Weird Science". He eats up every situation he has on screen with a twisted sense of humor and a menacing delivery that has you glued to the screen. He may have gone to waste a bit toward the end of the movie but there are so many levels to the film that it is once again, forgiven.

There were a few things that could have made "2 Guns" and even better movie but for anybody who likes a movie that has twists, turns, action and humor, it works. It may get a little ridiculous a handful of times and there was a minor moment toward the end that really bothered me after watching a witty, creative and realistic movie for the most part. Pull the trigger, man. You donâ??t have to explain yourself. It is like you know the camera is on you and you have to release some plot information. No, you donâ??t. That is small potatoes though because "2 Guns" is a whole lot of intelligent and twisty fun.