Awkward grabbing and books into movies

When you TMre in a big crowd, you get used to people touching you.

At the Taste of Chicago, hundreds of thousands of people pack into a small area (for hundreds of thousands of people). And you realize very quickly that you can TMt travel to the food booth you want without getting grabbed somewhere.

The thing is that no one is grabbing on purpose (well, not that you know of). It TMs hard to move anywhere with that many people packed in one place. Same goes for concert venues.

The formula is the same: Lots of People + Small Area = awkward touching.

But why would you let random strangers, not only touch, but grab you and carry you?

Comedian Mark Malkoff had a goal in mind: to be carried by complete strangers from the southernmost part of Manhattan to the northern most part.

Mark Malkoff Gets Carried Away

I get that he wants to prove that New Yorkers are nice, but again getting grabbed by that many hands, very awkward.

(When I told Assignment Editor Matt Grant, who is a native New Yorker, about the story, he didn TMt believe it could be done)

So in yesterday TMs blog, I shared the sad news of one of my favorite author TMs J.D. Salinger TMs death.

When Catcher in the Rye was released, Hollywood Hotshots were knocking at Salinger TMs door so he can sell the rights of the book to make a movie out of it.

And of course, Salinger, the recluse, refused to sell.

His death has Hollywood buzzing again, will his estate holder sell the rights?

Movie rights to Cather in the Rye

Personally, nothing would be able to do justice to Cather in the Rye. Who would write it? Who would direct? And who would play Holden?

If you were producing the movie, who would you get?

Comment below, and take the poll . . . because I just really need to know if I TMm just being protective or is it finally time for a Cather in the Rye movie?

I TMm going to finish my granola bar and as I work, ponder these questions.

Maneeza IqbalInternet Managing Editor